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Football supporters Arema Malang Indonesia is the world’s most creative supporters.

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If you ever get into the stadium in Malang when Arema compete with other clubs and you will be feel happy because he saw thousands of supporters Arema sang while dancing dancing throughout the game.


That things like this almost does not exist in many other football games.

If you’ve seen only once in a match then you will be missed and forever in every game Arema eventually you will always be present in the stadium to see their creations.


Throughout the match the fans as well as singing and dancing also rang the trumpets and other musical instruments that feel the roar in the stadium

If you do not believe prove it, please see the match Arema where 50 thousand fans will cheer you.


Because the stadium was so crowded with many attractions then sometimes we also created confusion because sometimes we come to the stadium not to see a football game but to see and come and join the fun happy Arema fans ..


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