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Malang. East Java, Indonesia has many tourist attractions

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Malang is a city in the southern city of Surabaya, a distance of approximately 85 km. Malang City is the second major city in East Java after Surabaya.

Malang City is a beautiful city because a lot of tourist attractions both within and outside the poor town of Malang..  With the relatively cold air., And the city of Malang is known with a cold city. Owned places such as tourist attractions, Sengkaling, Wendit, kids playground next to the Malang Town Square.

Wendit swimming pool

Good view

Wendit Swimming pool

Best for relaxing.


For the temple in the city Singosari located on the west side Singosari market more or less distance of about 1 km. Candi Jago also exist in the city of Malang Tumpang east about 15 km

Need to be conserved

Jago  Temple

For the beach there ngliyep beach, Beach spring blue, peacock Coban Beach, Beach Balaikambang, where the beach is located in south Malang travel more or less taken over two hours from the central city of Malang..

Clean thoughts here

Balai kambang beach

West of Malang town is  Batu town , there is a distance of approximately 20 km, and there many tourist attractions such as Jatim Park, Selecta park ,  Songgoriti park, Cangar hot Spring , Coban Rondo Waterfall, BNS (Stone Night Spectakular) and others .

Feeling a bath with a massage

Cangar  Hot Springs

Batu  City is cooler than the city of Malang, because, it is located in a mountainous area


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